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welcome to jingyanchemTV Glass Industry / Display-Glass Industry

The use of barium carbonate and strontium carbonate makes it possible to produce radiation-absorbent glass for television and computer display screens. The combined use of both compounds can be used to achieve comprehensive radiation protection. Moreover barium and strontium carbonate provide special requirements for LCD and PDP displays by improving the glass properties.

welcome to jingyanchemGlass industry

Barium carbonate and strontium carbonate can be used for a wide range of improvements to the properties of many different types of glass products. increased hardness and scratch resistance
enhanced optical glass properties, increased luster, improved finishing properties (grinding and polishing) and, increased strength.

welcome to jingyanchemBrick Industry

Barium carbonate can be used to prevent spotting and significantly reduce the tendency for efflorescence to occur. These advantages of barium carbonate make it a popular additive in the heavy clay ceramic industry, for example in the manufacture of clay roof tiles and facing bricks.

welcome to jingyanchemFine Ceramic

Hardness and scratch resistance will be increased, leaching out will be reduced by barium carbonate.

welcome to jingyanchemLitharge (Lead Oxide)

Raw material of lead salt plastic stabilizer and industrial raw material of lead glass (such as glass casing etc. of black & white or color TV set teletron), intermediate raw material of coating and lead salts, vulcanization activator for natural and synthetic rubber, an important auxiliary agent to produce radiation-proof rubber products. We can produce granular products. It is a non-dangerous article. It is a lubrication agent and a remover with low cost and excellent performance, used for plastic products of PVC and polyolefin etc. It is used as an additive for printing ink and carbon paper etc., and has better cooperative efficiency while used with other auxiliary agents.

welcome to jingyanchemSodium antimonate

Sodium Antimonate is mainly used as glass fining agent or degasser and as a decolorizer, especially in color television bulbs, fluorescent light glass tubing, and optical glass. Glasses containing antimony are less sensitive to color changes upon solarization. It is an excellent glass clarifier. It is characteristic of sunresistant and resistant to light exposure. It is also used as an auxiliary fire resistance for plastics, rubber and textiles. When used with a halogen, usually chlorine or bromine, sodium antimonate is a fire retardant with very low tinting characteristics especially for PET or PBT.

welcome to jingyanchemCerium oxide polishing powder

Polishing powder (CeO2)
Used as polishing powder for color TV screen, computer CRT screen, liquid crystal screen, fluorescent screen, even-glued-chromium-plate, plane-rectangular screen color TV trichromoscope, spectacles and glass plate.
Cerium oxide used as de-coloring and clear-settling agents in glass, ceramics, electronic products and fluorescent materials

welcome to jingyanchemTitanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide used in electronic ceramics for dielectric properties, in vitreous enamels for ease of fusion. In glasses to modify the refractive index of glass and improve the thermal and mechanical properties of glass and glass fibers, in containers to absorb UV light for food preservation, in ceramics enhances sintering and improves thermal and chemical resistance, in arc welding ensures excellent ionization, easy re-ignition of the electrode, prevents electrode sputtering and controls slag fluidity.

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Barium carbonate precipitated powder light type packed in 1000 kg bag
Barium carbonate granular packed in 1000 kg bag
Barium carbonate preciritated powder light type packed in 25 kg bag
Litharge granular packed in 1000 kg bag
Sodium antimonate packed in 1000 kg bag
Cerium oxide polishing powder packed in 25 kg bag
Titanium dioxide packed in 25 kg bag