Who We Are

JINGYAN CHEM was established in 2001. Closely cooperating with several outstanding Chinese manufacturers, we specialize in selling high quality chemical raw materials which are used in the glass (Photovoltaic glass , TV glass, optical glass, common glass), ceramics (advanced ceramic, electronic ceramic), construction material (bricks, tiles), magnet material , engineering plastic and curing agent etc, as well as other relevant high quality chemical materials. In addition to that, we also provide extensive technical support for applications in our specialty areas.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • Supply optimized high quality products directly from our cooperated factories and customer-designed compositions for demanding high technology applications.
  • Develop opportunities for value-added and other high-quality products for our clients in selected market.
  • Provide professional technical support, cooperation and transfer in the chemical field.

Taking advantage of "Direct source and Direct service", we have established strong business relationships with many companies in more than twenty countries and regions. It is our honor to be your reliable partner in China.


Add: Rm. 10D, Unit 1, 1017 Jiuzhou Dadaodong, Jida, Zhuhai, Guandong, China Postcode : 519015
Tel: +86-756-3329941, 3329942, 3329943
Fax: +86-756-3329947


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